Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 2, Main Outreach: Sigor

The community here has lots of children. LOTS. Everyday a large group of them would come hang out at our camp and just want to play with us. Even though this was not part of our structured ministry here, it was such a blessing to get to spend time with and feed these precious kiddos! And I am very excited for the next DTS team that goes here to run a kids camp.
Kids are kids anywhere. Just looking
for a little love.

Our spiritual struggle here was the religious mindset of the people. Everyone is caught up in if you are a Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Anglican, etc. They needed to hear about freedom in Christ and unity of the Church Body. This week we did market ministry (kind of like open air, and one on one conversations), door to door, and high school ministries. I got to work with the Juniors and I learned that I LOVE working with high schoolers! Who knew? All this time I thought I should be working with pre-schoool. Yay for learning new things!
Here in Sigor, it is mango heaven! So many mangos everywhere! At the market, it's 5 mangos for 10 cents! This made me very happy, and my team and I were constantly eating fresh mangos. :D
We also had to be very careful when cooking. The local herds of goats roam around, and we were cooking on a fire outside... Yes, the goats DO come up and eat ANY un-guarded food! No matter if it's boiling or not! So we had to have someone on goat duty all the time. Heehee.
Getting water in Sigor was a bit of a challenge; our guys had to walk quite a ways to the police station (police control the city water) where they were harassed pretty obnoxiously by the local police, but we managed ok. Oh, and my water filter broke. Oh well, hello straining and boiling!

Funny moments on outreach:
- Picking rat poop out of people's hair. (yes, the rats come cuddle at night)
- Choosing to sleep on the bench outside like a hobo in order to avoid the rats.
- Pepper spraying a goat that was trying to eat our bananas (That's right, don't mess with my food! lol.)
- Kids in the Sunday School fighting over who got to sit next to us.
- Tripping on my skirt as I was introducing myself to the church and doing a full on face plant on the stage.
- Waking up to the rooster crowing from the guys' BEDROOM next to ours. (The rooster was supposed to be eaten. Until then it lived in one of the guy's beds... then it got away. The men had to go chase it down.)
- Walking to the bathroom at night and passing through these weeds with dried seed pods. They rattled like a rattle snake every time! Scared me so bad until I figured out what it really was.

A personal revelation I recieved this week was in Ezekiel 28, where God is mad at the king of Tyre. He was called the "model of perfection", an "appointed guardian cherub", "blameless". How epicly impressive to have your character and giftings compared to heavenly beings?! Then he became proud because of the wisdom and good looks that God had blessed him with. He regarded himself as a god. (sounds a bit like Lucifer, eh?) Just think: God can bless us with AMAZING gifts and annointing to use for His purposes, and we can choose to glorify Him or ourselves. But choosing to glorify ourselves means we think we are worthy of glory, a.k.a. little gods. Wow! And that definately infuriates God. After all, He gave each of us those annointings and gifts in order to glorify Him. How dare we use it to glorify oursleves? It just really made me think. :)

Thank you so much for all your prayers! I appreciate you all!
The local Sunday school class.

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