Friday, March 30, 2012

Main outreach week 4: Kakamega

Cut sugar cane. Yum!

We thought we were going to be in the city this week, but actualy we were in a small town on the outskirts of Kakamega (a good hours drive from the city). The area is all sugar cane fields. Our housing here was definitelly unique: we stayed in a cleared out store front! That was pretty fun!

However our 2nd day there, I got really, really sick. Horrible, could-not-get-off-of-the-floor sick. But it only lasted 2 days, so I was fine. No clue what it was. Definitely felt God challenging me through it though: was I still going to praise Him? It was a challenge, but I overcame it, and was spiritually stronger coming out of it (and had a deeper appreciation of being able to participate with my team).

After I had recovered, I was able to re-join with ministry. We worked a lot with the local high schools this week. We went and talked to the kids, hosted a youth conference at the church, and had revival meetings for the church congregation. I even got the oportunity to give the message at one of the revival meetings. Public speaking is not my thing; I hate it with a passion. But I realized this was something that God had put before me for His glory, and I needed to get over myself. I was pleasantly surprised how well it went and I give all credit to God (there's no way I could've given a message with out choking on my own spit). I'm so glad I had the chance to share with them, and God taught me a lot this week!

Transporting the sugar cane to market.
Funny moments on outreach:
- Making friends with a baby donkey. We named her "Carl". The owner even offered to sell her to us.
They're so soft and fluffy!!! <3
- Driving through a sugar cane field and the workers giving us free sugar cane!
- Getting stuck with a crazy motorbike driver (they're version of a taxi). Racing other motorbikes, driving so close to sugar cane bales that my legs got all scraped up, etc. I seriously thought we were going to crash. :O

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