Friday, December 9, 2011

My little friend, Edwin

Well, we survived our 1st outreach! This week was definitely AMAZING and I wouldn't have given up this chance to meet these wonderful children for the world. Each is so precious and unique, even if I could have adopted on the spot, it would have been almost impossible to choose.

Each day was filled to the brim with washing the kids' laundry (by hand, and quite full of mud, I might add), cooking (over fire, no gas or electric stoves), Bible lessons with the kiddos, songs and games, dishing out food, cleaning up messes, settling fights, and getting to just play. Even in all the "madness", it really wasn't that bad. The kids were great! My group of 9 and unders were fantastic, and I am horribly dissapointed that I don't have a house big enough to take all 45 of them home with me (or at least 10 of them). ;)

We learned a lot this week, about ourselves and our team. I have a whole new respect for caretakers, mothers, and teachers after spending 10 days with these rambuncious little ones. It takes a strong and commited person to be able to get themselves out of bed EVERY day just to look after others.

Precious Zipporah
Playful mayhem in the dining hall

With December now here, everyone is getting a bit homesick. Some of us on the team have decided to go old school and try to decorate everything with colored paper and whatever other stuff we can find. I had had too much coffee the other night, so I paper snowflaked the dorm windows while everyone was sleeping. :) We will be here at the home base for 2 more weeks of lecture, than we will go on a 2 week outreach over Christmas.

Prayer requests:
- Health. Some of the students have fallen ill with slight stomach problems and severe allergies. Also, I cut myself pretty good  the other day while trying to peel food (classic Sam. I really should not be trusted with sharp objects.) But it's nothing too serious. My only real concern is trying to keep it clean to avoid infection. :)
- Unity. Our team is really struggling in this area.
- Willingness to learn. I know there is so much more out there for me to experience and absorb.

- we were safe on our travels
- I had a horrid rash from bug bites, but it's cleared up now.
- God continues to teach us amazing things each and every day.

Thank you for your prayers! I miss you all!


  1. Hola Alicia (Sam)!
    I guess others are sleeping during our daytime, so I get to see your post before they do :-)
    Thanks so much for blogging here. It's wonderful to get a better idea of what your days are like. I'm praying that God will develop you in all the ways to best serve Him. Be open to His spirit in you, to that small still voice that is God nudging you on. This is so important.
    Dios te bendiga, querida. Abrazos!
    - de la Señora con AMOR

  2. Love you, Love you, Love you!!!!! Praying for you. We are so proud of you. God is shaping you in incredible ways. Keep trusting in Him.

    Love you Sis!